We can design high quality, innovative Leak Test and/or Assembly system to satisfy your complete range of application requirements. Our design team will work with you to ensure that every application receives an economical solution utilizing the best available technology for their application.

Our systems are designed to provide reliability, maximum uptime, longevity, and seamless integration into the customer’s production environment. When it comes to custom Leak Test and Assembly systems, the total experience of Lively Consulting Group goes to work for you to ensure the right end product arrives on time, every time.

Our core competencies include

  • Pressure Decay (Stand Alone Fixture Type / In-line or Off-line Transfer Type)LCG-Stacked2-
  • Water Dunk Test (Pressure Decay and Visual leak locate)
  • Cup Plug and/Tube and Press Insert
  • Pin / Dowel Press
  • Bushing / Bearing Press
  • Fastener Insert and Auto Torque Run Down
  • Special Assembly Equipment